Life Drawing

Some days are better than others when I’m in the life drawing open studio. I’m not sure if tonights frustration was due to outside sources, like the traffic getting to the studio, or if the model was just very difficult to draw.

I have experienced many times before the difficulty of drawing a model with very elegant lines and usually when I’m faced with with rendering a young female it gets very difficult.

Life Drawing: warmup page
Warmup page

As always before I start any life drawing session I do a warmup page for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Life Drawing: 1.5 minute gestures
1.5 minute gestures

The gesture work didn’t go that bad. I started pressing much harder down with the charcoal to get very definite lines. I was trying to force myself to describe the form in as less lines as possible but accurately. Using a pen would be similar. When your faced with each line being permanent and unmovable you tend to be more mindful of each line.

Life Drawing: 5 minute poses
5 minutes poses
Life Drawing: 15 minute pose
15 minute pose

This drawing turned out well. I think it was because I was very focused on accuracy.

Life Drawing: 15 minute pose
15 minute pose

I ended up erasing this whole figure. I started with an envelope that was unfocused and inaccurate. I was just trying to go fast, and I should have know better.

Life Drawing: 30 minute costume pose
30 minute costume pose

I would have liked to have had enough time to work up the folds in her costume. This was a very interesting dress. But even the small amount of body that was showing for this pose was giving me trouble.

Life Drawing: 30 minute reclining pose
30 minute pose

I’m not sure if its the materials or the way I’m doing it, but I’m not liking the value work on a lot of my drawings. And as I type this I know that blaming anything on my materials for life drawing is a cop-out.

Life Drawing: 30 minute portraits
30 minute pose, work on portrait

This was interesting, I started working on her profile. And after a while of working on it I stopped and started a new one because the structure of the face was too inaccurate, it was just bad. The second attempt when much better though, and it was because I got the major shapes accurate before starting in any detail.

Session Details