Life Drawing Teaching

It was a challenging day for me at life drawing. Not only was I drawing but I was also teaching. Or, to be more accurate, I was trying to impart many ideas to the other artists that signed up for the class. Overall I think it went well.

I’ve found that it’s very difficult to teach and draw well at the same time. This is definitely a learned skill, one that I’m sure takes some time to get good at. This further proves my theory that focus is a huge part of success in drawing or any art production for that matter.

So, even though I’m unhappy with the drawings I produced with today session I had a wonderful experience talking with other artists and trying to help them get better at drawing the figure. I hop to do it many more times in the future.

life drawing teaching, warmup
life drawing teaching, gestures
life drawing teaching, 5 min poses
5 minute poses
life drawing teaching, 15 min pose
15 min pose
life drawing teaching, 15 minute pose
15 minute pose
life drawing teaching, 1 hour pose
1 hour pose

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