Life Drawing: Steven

The life drawing session today went really well! Steven our model was awesome and I think everyone had a great time, I know I did.

It helps that all my drawings (except one) went really well also. I was able to get to the studio really early and take my time setting up. Although I ended up having just a but too much coffee so I was like a crazy rabid squirrel at the beginning.

The first 20 minutes of gestures really showed my over consumption of caffeine. It may not show really well in the drawings but I was feeling super jittery.

Life Drawing: Steven, 2 min gestures
2 Minute Gestures

After the first 20 minutes I was able to settle into some extreme focus and get some great drawing done.

Life Drawing: Steven, 20 min
20 Minute Drawing

The drawing of the back went really well. Because there is not a lot of detail here like the face and both hands I was able to focus on the subtle transitions over the back and get a good idea of form.

Life Drawing: Steven, 20 min
20 Minute drawings

This was the hardest angle of the pose so this drawing took me about 40 minutes. Any time the arms or legs are extending far away from the body I find it difficult to get the proportions correct. So, I had to focus hard and measure a bit.

Life Drawing: Steven, 40 min
40 Minute drawing

This drawing started bad and didn’t go well. I was much farther away from the model so I think that was the biggest issue. I had to setup behind other artists to get this different angle and I don’t think I could see well enough.

Life Drawing: Steven, 20 min
20 Minute Drawing


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