Life Drawing at Sip n’ Paint

We moved the life drawing to Sip n’ Paint in Langley and it was great. I liked the space much better than the barn at the fairgrounds.

The setup was different so I had to make some adjustment in my drawing. Plus I was having a lot of trouble getting any proportions correct. Then I ended up standing to draw which I never do. Wow, I felt like I’ve never drawing before I had no control over the charcoal. So in the end my drawing were mediocre at best.

Life Drawing at Sip n' Paint, gestures
Life Drawing at Sip n' Paint
Life Drawing at Sip n’ Paint
Life Drawing at Sip n' Paint, setup

2 thoughts on “Life Drawing at Sip n’ Paint”

  1. It’s nice enrichment to do something our mind is completely unused to and gets out of our comfort zone. Glad you had fun. Is this going to be a regular thing now, or are you heading back to the Fairgrounds next week?


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