Life Drawing: Shannon

For life drawing today we welcomed Shannon again and I enjoyed painting her even though I was having a lot of trouble with my super slick gessoed board.

I didn’t prepare the night before. So I didn’t have a gessoed sheet of paper to work on like I usually do. I just picked up a canvas board that had been sitting on my shelf for a while. Once I started painting I realized why it had been sitting there for so long.

This was a Mona Lisa brand gessoed board made by Speedball. The surface was as slick as glass and had zero absorbency. Or close to zero. Now I like my surface to be smooth but not this slick. Even my softest brushes were pulling just as much paint off as they were putting on.

I feel as though I could have done much better if I was fighting with the canvas, but that being said I had a great time with the life drawing group and Shannons modeling was superb as always.

Life Drawing: Shannon
Life Drawing: Shannon
Life Drawing: Shannon, detail

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