Life Drawing Multiple Models

Day 2 in my renewed commitment to the figure starts off the same as yesterday with life drawing from New Masters Academy photos.

Today I mixed it up a bit and used a couple different models between the shorter poses and the longer ones. It’s nice to draw both male and female figure as you have to treat the lines on each differently. For female there are a lot of subtle flowing lines while there are a lot of sharper angels for males figures.

Overall today’s drawing didn’t go very well and my longer drawing of this male model has issues. I miss judged the height of the torso and body and had to try and fix it half way through which didn’t turn out well. I think it would have been better to just start over on a new drawing.

Life Drawing Multiple Models, warmup
Life Drawing Multiple Models, 5-10 min poses
5-10 min poses
Life Drawing Multiple Models, 15 minute pose
15 minute pose
Life Drawing Multiple Models, first 20 minute drawing
first 20 minutes on this drawing
Life Drawing Multiple Models, 1-2 min poses
1-2 minute poses
Life Drawing Multiple Models, second 20 drawing
Second 20 minutes on this drawing
Life Drawing Multiple Models, 10 minutes drawing in ink
10 minutes in ink

For the last drawing today I pulled out an ink pen. The way I have been drawing the past few weeks is similar to drawing with ink. Basically I try and put down ever mark and leave it there. I try to “get it right the first time”. This is very difficult but I thought it would work well with ink and the figure. I was wrong. Maybe I need more practice with the ink pen again but this figure turned out terrible. Of course my last post was talking about about keeping it simple so maybe I should just stick with charcoal for now.

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