Life Drawing: Magera

I feel this session went very well, I was focused and able to achieve flow several times throughout the three hours.

I didn’t get a likeness well at all but honestly I wasn’t going for that. I was trying to keep my strokes spontaneous and paint more from my brain than what was from in front of me. Granted, I’m still in the early stages of this, most of the time I was just drawing from the model but throughout the session I kept trying to prevent myself from looking at the model and remember what I just saw and put it down. I feel that the influence of the model and the translation through my thoughts and feeling will produce a more authentic result.

What went well?

I was able to get much more of the model completed today.

What didn’t go so well?

The contrast in the models body could have been increased more but I also think that the lighting was not helping me here.

What did I learn?

Slightly moving away from being super accurate is helpful in achieving a more spontaneous painting, but the balance between accuracy and spontaneity is difficult.

Session Details