Life Drawing: It’s Been Too Long

It has been several months since I’ve drawn from life. It has also been several months since I’ve been to a life drawing session.

With the combination of low turnout and renovations happening to the building we use the Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio hasn’t had a life drawing session in quite some time. But, I made the best of it today. I didn’t worry about possible failure on the drawing I just focused on the model and thought about it much like I do on my current paintings. Work slowly, keep focus, observe, record and think about structure.

Life Drawing: It's Been Too Long
Life Drawing: It’s Been Too Long
Life Drawing: It's Been Too Long, warmup

My warmup and initial 20 minute drawing was laughable. I was still running a bit late due to the longer time needed to setup.

Life Drawing: It's Been Too Long, initial 20 min
Initial 20 min drawing

1 thought on “Life Drawing: It’s Been Too Long”

  1. You’ve voiced concern/frustration about lack of interest and participation in the life drawing sessions before. I think stretching outside your comfort zone and reaching out to find a community that works for you is vital to continue to strengthen your skills.
    I joined the Whidbey Authors community right as it was dissolving, and we had to revamp and re-establish groups around the island. I have no idea if it’s as strong and influential as the old group, but I’ve met some incredible authors and friends from the North end and South end of Whidbey.
    You may need to help re-establish the artist community, or the life drawing community. Look at your available resources. Ask Gage how they keep the community engaged. Talk to Captain Whidbey Inn (it’s a nice half-way point for people on both ends of the island). Look into opportunities on the South end. Talk to some of the other artists (we can try to go to Greenbank Farm’s First Friday if you want to talk to Windwalker).
    I think this aspect of your art is important to you. I think that’s why you get somewhat frustrated when there is a lull in attendance, or a long break between sessions. If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse.


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