Life Drawing: Lisa

I had a very focused session today and an even more wonderful conversation afterwards.

My original idea for today was to do a very simple block-in of the figure while focusing on the drawing but that didn’t quite happen. So I just went with my feelings and was able to focus and get into a nice flow of work. I was also not worried too much about accuracy and just wanted to achieve some weight, form and the essence of the model.

We are beginning to have a Sunday ritual of lunch after open studio time and today I was very grateful for the ability to try and impart some wisdom while receiving some heartfelt emotion and learning myself. Thank you Lisa and Brett for a wonderful art session and an inspiring lunch conversation.

What went well?

Able to focus well and drop into a flow. I also covered the entire canvas and at least got all of the model represented on the canvas. I really like the overall values for the painting.

What didn’t go so well?

My drawing could be a lot better here. Even though I was not going for accuracy I still would like to achieve some kind of believable mass and form of the body.

What did I learn?

Have fun, focus and get into the flow. That is more important than making a spectacular work of art. Plus, be open to suggestions and sharing.

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