Life Drawing Gouache Portrait

For today’s life drawing session I just focused on doing a portrait of the model.

I was disappointed that I didn’t get more done on this portrait for the three hour session.  I’m still learning how to work gouache as it is much different that oils.

One of the biggest differences between gouache and oils is the mixing. I feel like that my piles of mixed color last a lot longer with oils than in gouache. It seems like I’m constantly mixing the same pile of color over and over again in gouache. I’m not sure where the paint goes…

What I like most about gouache is how I’m forced to think about planes of value and color. There is not much blending at all in gouache I have to focus on an area, mix the right value and color then put it down. I feel like working in gouache is going to make be a better oil painter.

Life Drawing Gouache Portrait
Life Drawing Gouache Portrait

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