Life Drawing: Getting Through It

Today’s life drawing session was plagued by one problem right after another, but I managed to push through the issues.

Raining and having to carry supplies from one building to the next was the start of the morning for me. Not only that but I was running late as they didn’t open the doors till 9:30. The I realized I forgot my drawing board with paper. And to top if all off the heat wasn’t working in the building. But at least we were able to keep the model warm and there were a few brave artists that pushed through the cold with me to get some drawing done.

Life Drawing: Getting Through It
Life Drawing: Getting Through It

2 thoughts on “Life Drawing: Getting Through It”

  1. You suffering, starving artist.
    No, honestly, it’s easy to give up and excuse yourself when things aren’t going your way, so I commend you for pushing through and making the best of the situation.


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