Life Drawing from Memory

This was very challenging. I finished a lot of the figure yesterday and had much of it fresh in my mind but that didn’t prove too helpful.

I tried to visualize the anatomy of the model, how the light would flow over certain forms but I just couldn’t seem to breathe any life into what I was working on today. By the end of two hours of work I was getting frustrated.

By the end of the session I succeeded in removing most of the life from the figure and making her as stiff as a mannequin. This is without a doubt a skill set that I do not have and one that I need to work on.

Moving forward I think I’m going to start a little smaller. Instead of working on half a figure the next day I’m going to practice working with my memory in the moment by observing the model and painting for a set time without looking at the model. This would start out really short, maybe 10 seconds. Then when I feel I’ve mastered each step I can increase the time in 10 to 20 second increments. Basically I will be testing and honing my visual memory which would be a great asset for so many subject.

As it currently stands I’m too dependent on the photograph or the subject in from of me. I need to expand my horizons and paint more from my mind and get closer to the feeling I want to express than using images as a crutch.

The more I think about it, the more I’m excited for this new path of learning!

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