Life Drawing: Christina

Today’s open studio session went really well with enlarging my normal figure size and focusing.

On the drive to the studio I decided that I wanted to work on slowly making the head larger and dealing with the portrait more. The last few portraits that I’ve done had a lot of issues and gave me a clear direction to work towards. So instead of dropping myself into the deep end of nothing but portraiture I’m going to slowly increase the size of the head for each session. Each head size I do well on, I will then increase the head a bit more until I’m up to life size. It may take a while but I got the time 🙂

I like this portrait but the structure of the eye socket needs some work. I was painting what I saw rather than thinking about the flow of the form in and out of the head. Hopefully next time I can do better.

What went well?

Great colors, good drawing and modeling of form.

What didn’t go so well?

Structure of the head needs work and I can still increase the size of the head slightly.

What did I learn?

Modeling the portrait where there is a lot interest is easier than modeling areas of bare skin. There is not much undulation in the form so large cylinders don’t look as interesting. Maybe I need to use different modeling techniques to infuse more energy or interest.

Session Details