Life Drawing: Christina

I moved a little out of my comfort zone today by using nothing but bigger brushes. I didn’t even take small brushes with me to the studio.

I learned a lot today and I plan to continue with this idea for a bit until I really get comfortable with it. The larger brushes forced me to focus on the larger masses plus I had to start the portrait out larger. I also had to start trusting myself with broad strokes of the brush. Even though my hand was super shaky, lots of the shapes were made with minimal strokes. This is one of the skills that I would love to learn well then employ whenever the subject calls for it.

What went well?

Using big brushes and came out with a pretty good portrait.

What didn’t go so well?

A lot of the drawing isn’t what it should be, and I need practice at this.

What did I learn?

Focus on larger shapes, confidence with larger strokes, comfortable with little detail.

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