Life Drawing: are you bored yet?

Mostly this blog is for me to track my progress but I also worry that doing the same thing every day is kinda boring to the people who actually read my blog. So, I’m wondering if it is boring…

Not that anyone would actually say anything negative about my work. I understand that it’s hard for most people to give an honest critique of a strangers work. But, please I want to hear the negative as well as the positive. Tell what you don’t like, what you do like and what you would like to see.

Life drawing, warmup
Life drawing, 1.5 min
1.5 min
Life drawing, 5 min
5 min
Life drawing, 10 min
10 min
Life drawing, 10 min
10 min
Life drawing, 20 min
20 min

4 thoughts on “Life Drawing: are you bored yet?”

  1. The only thing that makes your figure drawing posts less interesting than your others is that your photos of your pencil drawings are really hard to see. They look like grey paper with some hard to see grey lines on them. So I often skip looking at those posts, as much as I enjoy seeing your beautiful drawings, they’re just too hard to see.

    There are ways to take photographs of mostly white paper to compensate for the camera thinking it’s gray–increase the exposure or put a gray card in the picture (cropping it out later) and have the camera get its exposure setting on that. Or if you can’t do either of those (if you have iPhone you can), use free photo editing software or phone app to increase the exposure and contrast and darken blacks. Lightroom does all the above and is a free phone app. Also Snapseed and there are many others including good free ones on the web.

    You asked…..

    • Yes, this the kind of comments that I need thank you Jana. Please don’t feel like you will hurt my feelings or anything, you’re being very helpful. I didn’t realize that they were hard to see, and I have an iPhone, Photoshop and Lightroom so I’m sure I can make the corrections. Thank You Jana.

  2. You know me, I love variety…
    But you also could eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for eternity….


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