Life Drawing: Amber

My past attempts at a larger head have failed, so today I try and address that failing of mine.

Learning is not just about doing, although the “doing” is the probably the most important. To truly learn well we must recognize where we fall short and not run from it, face it head on, develop a plan to get better and follow through with that plan. Too many of us avoid our shortcomings and see them as dark marks on our soul, a blemish that can never be removed. But the truth can be, and is, the exact opposite. Let’s see our failings as a bright light signaling the path we must take, as a challenge and opportunity to grow. None of us are masters, we all have our faults and issues, see them for what they are, thank them for the clear direction they represent and continue to spiral up.

The value of repeated studies of beginnings of a painting cannot be overestimated. Those who cannot begin do not finish.

Robert Henri

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