Life Drawing

Life drawing again tonight from New Masters Academy photos. Tonight was a female model that I was having a difficult time with.

I spent some extra time life drawing tonight to make up for lost time yesterday.

Life Drawing, wamrup
Life Drawing, 1.5 min poses
1.5 min poses
Life Drawing, 5 minute poses
5 minute poses
Life Drawing, 10 minute poses
10 minute poses
Life Drawing, 20 minute poses
20 minute poses
Life Drawing, 20 min pose
20 minute pose

5 thoughts on “Life Drawing”

  1. Nice work Chris. I am really enjoying this series as I can see the models personalities coming out in addition to the details of the drawings.

    I struggle photographing the pencil or charcoal drawings also. I think your photos are looking better and developing the drawings further has helped to I am sure.

  2. Before you take the photo try this technique I just discovered to adjust the exposure (slide little sun up and down):

    That way you will get the right exposure without having to massively change contrast. I find using Levels in Photoshop easier and more effective for improving dark/light balance than Contrast. And free lightroom mobile has great editing tools.

  3. PS Even better–Lightroom mobile’s built in iPhone camera app has a separate exposure adjustment slider that lets you easily set the exposure BEFORE shooting (better than the auto focus/exposure lock in iPhone camera app) so it captures all the data right from the beginning. I just shot a pencil sketch on cream paper in the blueish shade and it came out great!


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