Life Drawing

Some days drawing the figure is easy and everything I put down on paper looks good. Then other times, like today, life drawing becomes a struggle and I can’t seem to get anything down that looks correct.

I know for a fact that my struggles with drawing, and most of anything, has a lot to do with the mood I’m in. If work has gone well, then my drawing session will follow in a similar way. Work today was a bit stressful and annoying, so the drawing session went much the same. I usually try to use my 10 minute warmup period as a transition from normal day stuff into a drawing mindset. In most instances¬†my warmup routine will not only get the muscles in my arm working and loose but will calm my mind and prepare for focus.

Life drawing, warmup
Life drawing, 1.5 minute poses
1.5 minute poses

My stressful mood shows in these short poses. I was trying something different also, but all these drawing just look nervous and messy.

Life drawing, 5 minute poses
5 minute poses

I didn’t get very far on my 5 minute poses either. I’ve slowed down here and tried to keep the drawing accurate but my focus just wasn’t there.

Life drawing, 10 min pose
10 minute pose
Life drawing, 10 min pose
10 minute pose
Life drawing, 20 min pose
20 minute pose
Life drawing, 20 minute poses
20 minute poses

No matter, I still have 20 days left in the month, and every one will be full of figure drawing challenges I’m sure.

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