Life Drawing

I’ve been doing a lot of these short life drawing sessions from New Masters Academy. Not only are they super easy to do but I’m finding that I enjoy them a lot.

When my motivation is low it’s important that the setup process to make art is quick and easy. So a few clicks on the computer and a grab for my drawing board is all I need to do to get started with a life drawing session.

Life Drawing, perfect circle
Perfect circle!!

I was so amazed at this that I had to take a photo. This is the very first thing I do for a warmup, as you can see below. I think this is the very first time I’ve ever drawn a circle this perfect. The was freehand, on swipe, done quickly. I hope to be able to repeat it in the future… I’m not sure how it will help me as an artist but it is cool. 🙂

Life Drawing, warmup
Life Drawing, 1-2 min poses
1-2 min poses
Life Drawing, 5 min poses
5 min poses

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