Life Drawing

Life drawing sessions on Saturday are the best, I get my art done early in the day and I don’t have to worry about traffic when driving to the studio.

Life drawing, warmup
Life drawing, 1.5 minute gestures
1.5 minute gestures

I’m getting much too detailed with my life drawing gestures, I need to focus more on the whole pose and the entire gesture.

Life drawing, 5 minute poses
5 minute poses
Life drawing, 15 minute pose
15 minute pose

Whenever I draw the face it takes me much too long. I end up not finishing most of the figure because the face takes me so long to draw.

Life drawing, 15 minute pose
15 minute pose

I was happy with this drawing, but the pose was very simple so I should expect a good outcome.

Life drawing, 30 minute pose
30 minute pose

Here again, I focused a bit on the head, and ended up spending way too much time on it. I really need to practice faster head drawings weekly.

Life drawing, 30 minute pose focus on portrait
30 minute pose, focus on portrait

This costumed pose was interesting, but like most of the costume poses I focus on the portrait rather than drawing the clothes.

Life drawing, 30 minute pose
30 minute pose focus on accuracy

This drawing was purely focused on accuracy and getting the entire body somewhat rendered. Maybe I should attend the life drawing long pose session on Tuesdays at hipbone, this way I can focus on a longer drawing and see what I can come up with.

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