Lemon Still Life

After a very busy day and a trip to the hospital, I’m switching over to gouache in preparation for this weekend.

Super busy day today with work and then rushing to an appointment at a hospital on the mainland, I didn’t get home till late. While on the way home I decided to break out the gouache paints and try them again. I was going to paint a portrait but I settled on a still life.

I’m mainly doing this as I plan on bringing gouache to life drawing on Saturday to paint the model. After a few months away from gouache I think I coming to like it again. My biggest complaint about the medium was the color change when it dried but honestly I didn’t see much of that when I was painting tonight.

I’m not done with this painting though, I really want to capture much more detail. I think I’ll also change up my surface next time. I don’t think I like the cold pressed watercolor paper. Or maybe I will gesso it…

Lemon Still Life
Lemon Still Life
Lemon Still Life, setup

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