Me and Kiddie: More Sweater Blockin

I spent more time just blocking in the sweater I’m wearing.

I wishing that I had enough motivation to spend more than hour on this painting each day. Only for the fact that I would finish it faster and not have so many redundant posts. I’m contemplating making one very long post per painting… but I don’t think that would work well…

Me and Kiddie: More Sweater Blockin
Me and Kiddie: More Sweater Blockin
Me and Kiddie: More Sweater Blockin, setup


2 thoughts on “Me and Kiddie: More Sweater Blockin”

  1. I can see the allure to doing one long post at the end of the painting, but honestly we don’t get the feel of the journey, and you will likely forget some of the notes you include in some of the daily sessions. Unless you collected your notes separately on a Word Doc and matched it with certain pictures of the progress. But I think this system works well for you, and that is really the only important thing that matters.


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