Me and Kiddie: Rendering Fur

I’m working on the other half of Kiddie’s face today trying to faithfully render fur.

This is the second painting that I have ever done where I had to paint fur. The first was of our other cat that passed away a year or so ago. The detail photograph I took of my work done today does not look near as good as the actual painting I think. I’m not sure why that is.

It seems to me the trick to painting fur is all about edges and trying to be faithful to the photo without getting lost in it.

Me and Kiddie: Rendering Fur
Me and Kiddie: Rendering Fur
Me and Kiddie: Rendering Fur, detail
Me and Kiddie: Rendering Fur, setup

2 thoughts on “Me and Kiddie: Rendering Fur”

    Sorry. I know he doesn’t like to sit still for you, but could you try to get the essence of his fur detail by looking at him rather than a photo? Does the photo give that great of detail?


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