Me and Kiddie: Starting the Drawing

Ok it’s time to admit that I feel like I’m cheating here.

For a while now I have been cheating a bit on the drawing. I mark out a grid on my canvas and create a grid over the photo in Photoshop. I don’t trace the image onto my canvas but what I do is pretty close to it.

In my defense I do this for speed and accuracy. I know I could be improving my drawing skill so much more if I would just sit here for a week and draw out everything without any of these crutches but honestly I want to get to the painting as fast as I can. Because I know that will take the longest and it it what I struggle with most.

I’m not sure if this process is helping or hurting my growth as an artist but when i look at great paintings I think that even if they were traced from a photo I still would consider them great paintings.

Anyway, today’s session was all about getting the initial drawing setup. This is still going to take several session to finish as I want the drawing to be spot on before I add any paint to the canvas.

I feel like this could be one of my better paintings this year, I just need to take my time with it, keep motivation, keep focused and keep moving forward on it.

Me and Kiddie Painting: Starting the Drawing
Me and Kiddie Painting: Starting the Drawing
Me and Kiddie Painting: Starting the Drawing, setup

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