Me and Kiddie: Painting a Monitor

I’m actually painting the icons and program that is showing on my monitor.

Initially when I was taking the photos for this painting I was thinking that I should just keep the monitor black. It would be too difficult to paint all the tiny little details that exist on a computer screen. But, I recognized that I was running away from a challenge and also I would rather have a more authentic scene rather than something too contrived.

It’s going to take another session to finish the details on the monitor but I’m happy to say that painting the program wasn’t as hard as I thought. There are just a lot of little tiny details that I have to make sure get in the correct place.

Me and Kiddie: Painting a Monitor
Me and Kiddie: Painting a Monitor
Me and Kiddie: Painting a Monitor, setup

2 thoughts on “Me and Kiddie: Painting a Monitor”

  1. It’s interesting how you have all these other aspects of your life included in the painting. You have the food logging application on the computer (can’t remember the name)- showing your work (computer) and complications (the food logging for kidney issues), and even love (happy wife sign). Almost like it was on purpose…


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