Judging Proportion Study

For drawing tonight I picked a reference photo and focused on judging proportion and measuring. I started by estimating by eye only and not measuring, then in darker lines I redrew the figure after carefully measuring. I then compared my drawing to the original in photoshop. I found that what I thought was correct was in direct conflict with what was actually correct. After all this I started the drawing over a third time and drew the figure again with careful measurement then checked that in photoshop. The last drawings proportion was much better. The conclusion of all this was that I need to measure more until I can judge proportion better by just looking.

Judging Proportion Setup

Judging Proportion Study setup

Judging Proportion Study

This first drawing was actually two drawings in one, the lighter lines are part of the first drawing with no measuring and the darker lines are the second drawing with careful measurement.



Judging Proportion comparison with photoJudging Proportion Study overlay

Here is the drawing overlaying the photo. As you can see the second drawing with the careful measurement was much more accurate.


Last drawing, all carefully measured.

chris-beaven-charcoal-5-071715Last drawing overlaying photo.

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