Island Recycling Tree Drawing

Another trip to Island Recycling and strange enough I ended up doing a tree drawing and forgetting about all the piles of recycled material around me. I wanted to juxtapose this beautiful tree against all of the recycled debris but I ended up getting lost in the details of its branches.

Recently I changed up my daily routine a bit so that I start work early and finish around 1pm. Then as soon as I’m done with work I focus on art. This schedule change has been extremely successful. Not only do I have more energy for art earlier in the day but I get my most important task done sooner which in turn opens up my nights for more focus on art. Hopefully this will lead to an increase in my art time daily. I’ve been watching my average hours per month go down as of late, and I need to bring the time back closer to 2.5 hours a day.

Island Recycling Tree Drawing
Island Recycling Tree Drawing on white

This was the drawing I started on and I spent about an hour on this very small area. I kept thinking that I could get enough value range out of this white paper and show the stark white of the blossoms on the tree well against the background.

Island Recycling Tree Drawing
Island Recycling Tree Drawing on Gray

Then the last half hour I pulled out my toned gray sketch book and drew the tree again, faster this time, only a half an hour. I was sold on the gray tone of the paper right away, this gave me a better base of value to start from where I could put down the white of the blossoms and the darker areas of the truck showing the high contrast I wanted quicker and easier. I may be neglecting my white sketchbook for a while…

Island Recycling Tree Drawing, subject
Can you find the rooster

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  1. I love the monkey hanging from the tree. Very “Island Recycling”….
    Good job on the prioritizing and shifting around your schedule. I’m sure our monster alarm clock helps…


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