Indiana Jones Drawing Started

I’m a bit behind at work so I spent more time getting things done there today before getting the Indiana Jones Drawing started.

I’m really excited to see how this drawing will turn out because I need to add to it. Indiana’s fathers hands cannot be seen because his shirt cuff is covering their grasp and I feel that is super important. For the movie it was fine, but for a single image I need to show the grasping of hands.

Also the original movie was in a wide format so I need to extend Indiana and the ledge his father is standing on. I’m excited for these extra challenges beyond just getting the drawing to look like Harrison Ford.

Indiana Jones Drawing

As I mentioned in a previous post this is the part of The Last Crusade where his father finally calls him Indiana rather than Junior. It’s a touching scene, I’ll link it below, I would suggest watching the moving again or for the first time if you’ve never seen it.

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I’m not sure why, maybe I was too distracted by work stuff but I couldn’t bring my mind to focus on motive for each of these drawings. My mind kept wandering.

If you are interested in why motive is so important or why I find it so important I would highly suggest to get The Natural Way to Draw and especially The Art Spirit.

Daily Composition

I really like this drawing. Mainly because it features my awesome cats, but also because… Okay, fine, it’s all about the cats…

This was enjoyable because this is not a drawing of anything I’ve seen but something I imagined. I’m imagining this is what I looked like this morning when I was meditating and the cats decided to join me.

Daily Composition

What went well?

Practicing a lot of micro wins today. I’m short on time but that doesn’t mean I can’t make progress. Process and progress is far greater than the outcome.

What didn’t go so well?

Distracted brain due to work and a super full schedule.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

I can begin drawings better than the Indiana Jones Drawing started today. Because of my rushed feeling I didn’t really rely on comparative measurement very much and leaned very heavily on Photoshop to help me with corrections.

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