I’m Not a Sculptor

Lots of distractions today during my art time, but that was still less frustrating than trying to sculpt a pelvis.

Obviously I’m not a sculptor. I’ve maybe touched clay 5 times in my life and today it is really showing. Although I think it is going to be great training and will inform my 2D work more.

Essentially I’m accustomed to translating a three dimensional image to two dimensions but sculpting is completely opposite. I’m watching Rey and looking at books on anatomy trying desperately to turn a flat image into something real. It’s really taxing my brain.

Well, at least the drawing was fun today. I didn’t really have much of a gaol, I just picked images at random and started. I’m still struggling with the right amount of shading though. Also, I constantly have this tendency to make the body larger as I get further away from my starting point.

I'm Not a Sculptor
I’m Not a Sculptor
I'm Not a Sculptor, ecorche

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