I Bought a Camera

I took the plunge and invested in a DSLR. Soon it will be time to take my photography skills to the next level.

After a lot of research and help from one awesome reader I purchased a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 with a whole bunch of other equipment to start taking better photos of my artwork. Here is what I got.

The total after tax was close to $900. I never spend this much money unless I have to. So after a lot of discussion with my wife we determined that we can use this camera in several different ways to help with both of our major projects.

Currently I only have the camera and lenses in, I’m still waiting on the rest. But, what I plan to do is a in depth comparison and price layout of all the methods of taking photos of artwork. Starting with the cheapest (what I currently do) of snapping a photo with my iPhone. All the way up to setting up lighting and gels and filters with a very nice camera and taking a professional photo.

Now I just need to find some books on learning photography, after I read the 5 manuals that came with this camera. I never knew it could be so complex…

I Bought a Camera, camera
The Camera

In art news my painting session went ok today. I’m finding myself losing interest in this painting so I’m pushing myself forward and working on my willpower here. Abandoning a project just because my motivation is lacking is not a habit that I want to create.

I Bought a Camera
I Bought a Camera
I Bought a Camera, setup

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