Hotel Room Drawing Short Session

Jet lag is winning. I’m so freaking tired that I know I will only be able to get a half hour drawing down before I crash. I have don a lot of hotel room drawing or painting in many of my travels and they always seem to consist of the lamps in the room. I always enjoy the different lamp styles and how the light cascades over the room.

Sometimes I worry that my posts are a bit too personal. But, what else will I write about? This is my life of daily art and and I’m quickly approaching 1000 days of consistent art. Its quite a milestone and I have to figure out some way to celebrate it. What I have found out after so many sessions is that it’s hard to constantly come up with something new and different for every post. Heck, some posts are so short they don’t have any text at all their just the images of my work for the day. So, I apologize for the personal, and maybe boring, nature of my posts but it’s all I got…

I do need to up my game though check out this amazing hotel room sketch by Mike Daikubara, where he does a drawing of all the hotel’s he has stayed at in the past 8 years. The work is really detailed and well done. I’m beginning to like urban sketching more and more.

The Hotel Room Drawing Setup

hotel room drawing by chris beavenFor this hotel room drawing I really liked the texture of the wood under the lamp and I wanted to try and capture it’s changes in color. This wasn’t till the end of the drawing so I didn’t spend much time on that part. Although I felt like I got all my angles and perspective down well and that makes me happy. It seems like the perspective is the hardest part of any drawing.

The Hotel Room Drawing Subject

drawing in a hotel room is funAfter looking at the photo of the subject I may have to do a gouache painting of it tonight. The colors are very rich and the differences in texture would be fun to try and capture in gouache. I hope tonight that I have enough energy and time to focus on a 2 hour painting.

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