Hotel Rochat Sketch in Basel Switzerland

The next twelve or so posts are going to be short. I’m playing catch up because we were on a trip to Europe for a cruise on the Rhine river and lack of time or internet connection prevented me from doing posts or from spending more than the minimal amount of time on art.

We stayed a week in Leipzig Germany for a conference that my wife was attending while I worked at the hotel. Then we took the Inter City and Inter City Express trains to Basel Switzerland which took about 8 hours, including one point where we got off the first train at the wrong stop in Frankfurt German and had to catch another train to our correct stop. We were very stressed to say the least, but we found the right train and after a long ride we finally met my in-laws in Basel Switzerland.

We stayed at Hotel Rochat in Basel Switzerland. It was a small and wonderful hotel in the city and our view from the room was great. The next morning the bell tower rung its bells and luckily we were already out of bed or we would have jumped out it was so loud.

view from hotel room in basel switzerland

Once we were settled in our room all four of us walked the streets of Basel looking for dinner. We found a nice restaurant out of the rain and had a great dinner, I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but I do remember that smoking was permitted. Yuk, this was hard to get used to on our trip, people were literally smoking constantly and everywhere.

By the end of the day I was dead tired and only had the energy for a short 30 minute sketch in our hotel room. It would have been nice to do a short sketch of the city scape but by this time it was dark and I couldn’t see anything of Basel Switzerland out of the window.

In bed drawing

hotel room sketch in basel switzerland

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