Hotel Lobby Sketch in Ink

It was a strange day today, I didn’t do much besides some work and lots of napping. I did venture out in an attempt to find a subject that I was interested in drawing, but even with the amazingly ancient architecture around here I wasn’t drawn to anything. No pun intended.

So I settled for a simple sketch in our hotel lobby. I wanted to return to this little plant on the table because I botched it so badly with the painting from a couple days ago. The sketch in ink went well. Again I went through my simple checklist to prepare my head for some work and then got to it.

Sketch in ink with subject

hotel lobby sketch in ink by chris beavenI do art so often now that it’s habitual. My day isn’t complete without it and when it gets late and I haven’t done anything I become agitated. But, when I begin sketching or painting I get lost in the work quickly. I haven’t found anything in my life that is more meditative.

The Subject

the subject for my hotel lobby sketch in inkI didn’t want to go to crazy with this ink sketch so I left a lot out. Especially the weirdly striped place mats, I guess in some situations it would be fun to sketch all those lines but not tonight.

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