At Home Figure Drawing

Hey look, a repeat from yesterdays daily art session. Not quite actually, I did draw from a new masters academy video but tonight was a different model video. Home figure drawing is something that I can accomplish easily especially when our day is packed with events, like today.

Actually I had planned today to be my first session at a Whidbey Island figure drawing session but I woke up with this agonizing migraine headache that made me too sick to get out of bed, so sadly I had to miss the figure drawing session. I needed to make sure that I recovered from the migraine as we had a Loreena Mckennitt concert to attend in Seattle at night.

At Home Figure Drawing: Warmup
At Home Figure Drawing: 1 and 2 minute poses
1 and 2 minute poses
At Home Figure Drawing: 5 minute poses
5 minute poses

I have to admit, drawing from photos or digital reference is much different from life and I need to practice it for a time to get my brain around it.

Today I also watched a philosophers note video by Brian Johnson about the book “Your Brain at Work” by David Rock. The book seems to be all about the neuroscience of work. The few big ideas that resonated with me were…

  • Prioritize, Prioritizing: In my morning the first thing I should do is prioritize my day. I’ve done this before on occasion and I have always been more productive on those days, but staying in that habit of it is a bit challenging.
  • Basal Ganglia: I’m not sure what part of the brain this is, but the idea is to put repeatable tasks on auto pilot. Brian’s example was his burpee routine throughout the day. He sets an alarm on his watch, and when it goes off, he does them. No thought involved, just do them on schedule.

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