Hipbone Open Studio: Long Pose

Every once and a while I will attend the Hipbone open studio long pose figure drawing. This is one single long pose for three hours. Sometimes I will do several different drawing, and other times I will do one single drawing and try and make it a well rendered drawing. Tonight was a bit of both.

Tonight is the first of three night where the model will assume the same pose. Its a total of 9 hours for one single pose. I was very close to bringing some oil paints to the class and doing a painting the spans over the three sessions but I couldn’t be sure if I was going to attend all three sessions and I know for a fact that I really need to get my drawing to a much higher skill level before I begin the figure in paint again.

It seems like years ago since I painting the figure, but unfortunately I was stupid and stopped hitting the open studios regularly so I lost a lot of my skills with painting the figure.

Open Studio Long Pose Drawings

long pose figure drawing warmup

My weird warmup page, hey, it helps for dexterity. And it gets my hand ready for some serious drawing.


first drawing of the long pose figure drawing session

My first drawing for the beginning 45 minutes of the pose. I wasn’t liking how this one was going so I began another on after the first break.


long pose figure drawing by chris beavenFor this drawing session I really should have come away with a better drawing. I think I put way too much focus on the shading rather than getting my drawing down perfect. The next time I do another long pose figure drawing at Hipbone I will definitely focus on drawing accuracy.


Session Details