Still Life With Bottles

I love that I can find interesting things to paint just by taking a hand held lamp and moving it around my room. For me most of the interest in the subject lies in how the light is hitting it. I easily illuminated this still life with bottles by placing the light under a high shelf. I usually go for the high contrast in lighting, something about it just interests me.

I’m also interested in randomly assembled objects, especially when they are not contrived. I say this but I always seem to go back and forth from a carefully setup still life to random things around our apartment that just end up in an interesting position. The bottles I painted tonight I have actually been collecting for a while to use in my still life setups, so there is a bit of irony here.

Still Life With BottlesĀ Setup

still life with bottles setup by chris beaven

Still Life With Bottles Subject

still life with bottles subject by chris beaven

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