Hand and Eye, With My Favorite Pens

Today I received a shipment from JetPens.com of my favorite pens, the Pilot Hi-tec-c. So of course I have to use them right away for a drawing so I set down with the thousands of photos from New Masters Academy and drew a hand and eye.

Today’s drawing session was of my minimal length of 30 minutes. I tried out a different priority today starting in my morning and I think it set my entire day off on the wrong track and that continued into the evening. But, that is ok, I learned a little more about what works best for me.

Hands and Eye, With My Favorite Pens, setup 1
Setup 1

For this hand and eye drawing I used the 0.3 mm size Pilot Hi-tec-c pen and I think it may be the perfect size for just about anything. I still have the very small .25 which is great for super high detail work, plus I have the .4 and .5 for more thick lines. Of course all of these tips are tiny compared to most of anything, but I feel pen work is meant to be detailed. Every time I draw with these pens I know right away that it’s time to focus and slow down, focus on the details.

Hands and Eye, With My Favorite Pens, setup 2
Setup 2

What went well? The drawings were accurate and I kept focus the whole time.

What can I do better? Draw for a longer period of time. Describe the form better through cross hatch shading.

What do I need to do to be my best? Draw longer daily keeping focus throughout the entire session.

Session Details