Gurney post on Monet and Sargent

Great post by James Gourney about Claude Monet and John Singer Sargent, on the subject of Impressionism.

I frequently read “Gurney Journey” a blog by the artist James Gurney. His posts are always interesting and very insightful. I wanted to share this post because I was amazed at the correspondence between Monet and Sargent as well as the small look into their lives.

I just love this quote from Monet about his first meeting with Sargent.

I remember for the first time meeting Sargent and [Paul] Helleu at the Rue de la Paix 1876. Sargent was making a fuss over me, saying, “Is that really you, Claude Monet?” Then he invited me to dinner. He wanted to take us to the Cafe de la Paix, and he had many friends with him. I suggested the Cafe du Helder, and requested a private room. Unfortunately there were several of my pictures there, I was embarrassed as we entered, ashamed that Sargent and the others might think it was because of my paintings I had brought us to Cafe Helder.Claude Monet

Claude Monet

Here is the full post by James Gurney.

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