Group Poses and Another Xena

Having more fun with another practice called “Group Poses” plus I started a new Xena drawing.

Every artists at one time or another has the same struggle of quality of the piece and just getting it done because your on a schedule.

I’m no different.

I really wanted to do these fandom fitness drawings with as much authenticity as I could but it turns out I need to train more on drawing portraits, awesome!

While I’m enjoying the drawings they will eventually be part of book so I can’t continue to work on them for the next three years. I need to produce more, and faster. With that realization I’m going to us Photoshop to help with proportion accuracy, like before.

Once I’m done with these I’m thinking about taking some amazing looking classes on head drawing from New Masters Academy. I wish I had all day to work on art then I could break up my day into training and production. But I’m extremely grateful to have an amazing job that allows me to work from home.

Here is the start of the next Xena drawing.

group poses and another xena

Other Xena Posts

This list is also getting way too long I need to get Xena completed and move on to the next Hero.

Group Poses Gestures

I really enjoyed these after I figured out some images I could use.

The exercise as outline by Kimon Nicolaides in The Natural Way to Draw is to use two or three people and have them pose in a group for two minutes using natural gestures where they are connected in some way.

Then I’m supposed to draw these figures in a gestural way and treat them as a unit.

I ended up doing a Google search for “images of human interaction”. This lead me to tons of stock photo sites. Most didn’t fit the group poses exercise but I was able to use related images searches to get some really amazing imagery from Shutterstock.

As I drew these I was thinking of composing real images for painting. I felt more than just the normal drawing of gestures. I felt that I needed to communicate the emotion that was being display in each of these images. Something I would like to do more of and there is an unlimited supply of images to draw from online. Awesome!

What went well?

Lots of fun with the new gesture exercises.

What didn’t go so well?

I’m crunched for time today. My energy was out of wack and I ended up blowing up my planned schedule for the day.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

Do more of the group gestures and don’t worry about image quality in most aspects. It is the job of the artist to be creative and come up with solutions even for the most UN-descriptive of images.

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