Getting Lost in Drawing

I was supposed to only do an hour of drawing then move on to the Ecorche, but I found myself getting lost in drawing.

I’ve begun to see the importance of line weight. In these drawings I was trying to explore different line weight as well as shading techniques. I like the top one the best as it is very subtle with the shading. The bottom one has too much shading and it over powers the nuances of line.

For both I did a somewhat preliminary under drawing. The was to help compose the body on the page and I wanted to keep some of the under drawing and let it show through at the end. I’m finding that a lot of these stray marks really enhance the drawings and give them more life.

Getting Lost in Drawing
Getting Lost in Drawing
Getting Lost in Drawing, setup
Getting Lost in Drawing, ecorche

The Ecorche is going well. Today we finished off the entire wire frame by doing the hands and arms. Only one side of the ecorche is going to have muscles the other side is going to be all bones. This is why we have the smaller wire for the left side representing the radius and ulna. At the moment with his fingers really long he is kinda like Edward Scissor hands.

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  1. Haha, I’m glad I’m not the only one who was thinking the Edward Scissorhands resemblance. I was wondering about that…


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