Getting Closer

I feel as if I’m getting closer to finished after this session. I’m thinking the painting may be a bit overworked though.

For this painting session I worked on the lower back more, I felt that the colors weren’t matching the upper back as much as they should. Also some of the values were off. Overall just a lot of very subtle changes to the lower ┬áback.

Then I worked on the bottom, trying to get those major colors established. Half of this area is in shadow so it didn’t take very long to get it in order.

The only problem I’m having with my painting right now is my inability to keep paint on the brush. Most of the time when I’m painting I’m using a very dry brush. I don’t want to go crazy impasto, but I do feel that I should focus on mixing more paint on my palette. Maybe I’m going for a more Franz Von Stuck painting style rather than Sargent?

Getting Closer
Getting Closer
Getting Closer, detail
Getting Closer, setup

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