Get Messy With Charcoal

The character Captain Jack Sparrow is never sober it seems and to try and convey some of his erratic behavior I had to get messy with charcoal.

By the time I was done today my fingers were black and I had to spend quite a bit of time scrubbing them to get all the pastel and charcoal off.

I’m having fun moving from chaotic strokes to exact strokes when moving from his hair and hat back to his face. I like the idea of leaving some unfinished areas with crazy strokes while others, the most important, have the detail necessary to capture a likeness.

Jack sparrow drawing

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Warm-up and DrawABox exercises

Standing warmup today. Honestly standing is the way to go. Not only am I practicing my dexterity but I’m getting my whole body involved.


The 250 box challenge continues! Page 8 and a mix of perfect boxes and imperfect ones.

draw a box exercises

One Minute Gestures

This was a really great gestures session. I was able to get my mind and emotions absorbed deeply into what I was doing. Because of that I felt I was able to communicate more with less.

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

The sketch is of our rowing machine in our front room along with the front door, a fan, a step stool and other workout equipment. We don’t have a normal living room, ours is functional and serves mostly as our gym when we can’t go to the park.

The composition is at the park, our other gym, where a guy sitting under a shelter seemed a bit lonely.

daily composition and sketch

What went well?

Great focus on art today, I was going to do a short session but my urge to create too over and I had to get messy with charcoal along with all my other practices I love.

What needs work?

I feel like I’m neglecting my Nicolaides work a bit. The purpose of the book is to cultivate my motive and impulses, I will have to work towards that more.

What did I learn?

Once the drawing is established for the most important part of a drawing the rest can be thrown on with a shovel and the piece will still hold up.

Session Details