Gestures and New Website Design

I spent about an hour today drawing gestures but the bulk of my time was putting the finishing touches on my website.

I must stay that I really proud of myself for this new design. It’s as minimal as I can get it and the focus is all content.

I’m adding an image of it here even though you can see the new UI now. I’ve learned over the years to add an image of my new site design or when I redo them year later I can never remember what I had before.

The gestures went well today. I’m trying really hard to feel and respond to the figure as a whole instead of copying it’s parts. The gesture of a model is to me, an intangible purpose, impulse, movement and unity through the entire model. You don’t draw gesture you SENSE it.

“Gesture is the cement, the unifying element, that holds the various elements of the pose together.”


“Hold to this principle that the greatest drawing, the greatest expression, the greatest completion, the sense of all contained, lies in what can be done through the larger masses and the larger gestures.”

Robert Henri

“It is on the action, of the gesture, that you are trying to respond to here, not the details of the structure.”


“To be able to see the gesture, you must be able to feel it in your own body.”


“If you do not respond in like manner to what the model is doing, you cannot understand what you see.”


“The focus should be on the entire figure and you should keep the whole thing going at once. Try to feel the entire thing as a unit — a unit of energy, a unit of movement.”


“…Rely on sensation rather than thought.”


“It is necessary to participate in what the mode is doing, to identify yourself with it. Without sympathetic emotional reaction in the artists there can be no real, no penetrating understanding.”


What went well?

Some drawings today with good focus.

What didn’t go so well?

I tend to go too hardcore on these web projects. I think I may be addicted to it.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

Create my plan for the day and FOLLOW IT!

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