Gandalf: Paper Patchwork and a Toilet Gesture

Probably my best title ever!! You have to read to see what it’s all about.

I’m at a part in The Natural Way to Draw book where Nicolaides describes that there is gesture in everything.

Nicolaides says, “by using your feeling or imagination you can relate the gestures you see to those which are more universally understood. For example, the base of the lamp may have a sturdy, smug look which suggests to you a well-fed prosperous business man with a neat collar holding his head straight up. From an impression of that sort you get a very clear picture of the lamp so that when you see it again you instantly recognize it among twenty similar lamps not exactly from the same mold. Such observation is more instructive, as well as more interesting, than an observation of static lines and planes, and it results in a kind of knowledge that can be recalled ten year from now even though you have forgotten all about the act of observing

Objects are made for a certain purpose and that purpose determines their shape and gesture. An auger is made to twist, a knife to cut, a ball to roll.”

So I was running around the apartment with my drawing board doing gestures of anything I could find. Including the toilet.

The the drawing of Gandalf has grown beyond what I first anticipated. I’m liking how this drawing is going so well I don’t want to start it over on a new sheet of paper and making it smaller in the process. So I decided to put it on a larger piece of foam-core and attach some other sheets of paper. This way I can capture his staff and the hand holding it. I Feel this is super important to complete the drawing.

It’s going to be fun when I take this into production for the book and I have to use digital means to massage out the line the papers make.

What went well?

So much fun drawing around the house!

What didn’t go so well?

Not enough time, like always, but I’m working on it.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

Running and drawing around the house is fun, maybe I can combine a workout with art making, hmmmm……

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