Gandalf: Gestures and Cross-Contours

Gandalf is coming along nicely but it’s the cross-contours that I’m having trouble with.

Honestly they are just super boring to do. It takes intense focus to do them right and there is not much of anything interesting that comes out of it. Of course, this is the point, as Nicolaides says.

“Your progress is charted, not on paper, but in the increased knowledge with which you look at life around you.”

I love that!

So, yes I’m learning. I’m learning to improve my will power and stick to the practice when it gets boring. What I’m also learning is the feeling of the roundness of form and to look for super subtle changes in value which indicate important changes in planes.

The drawing of Gandalf is coming along well but it is lacking energy. If I can’t instill some energy and interest in this drawing I will start over.

What went well?

Gestures done, Cross-contours done, reading done, website work and work on drawing Gandalf.

What didn’t go so well?

Using lots of willpower for the cross-contours and lack of energy in the Gandalf drawing.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

“In the long run it is the ones who practice more who prevail, not the ones who had some initial advantage in intelligence or some other talent”

– Anders Ericsson from Peak

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