Fundamentals: The Importance of Gesture

For a long time I have questioned why I needed to do gestures but I think I’ve finally seen their importance.

The rhythm or movement of the body is what artists are trying to capture when doing gestures. It is important that gestures be done quickly and fluidly yet, and this is the most important, accurately. The ability to capture the movement of the human form accurately in a very short period of time is very difficult, yet vital to an artists progression.

This is what I’m practicing now. I want the ability to draw the entire figure within a couple minutes and know that not only are my proportions accurate, but I also have the movement of the figure locked in before I start piling on the details.

Fundamentals: The Importance of Gesture
2 Min
Fundamentals: The Importance of Gesture
5 Min
Fundamentals: The Importance of Gesture
10 Min

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  1. Remember, it’s not practice that makes perfect, it’s perfect practice makes perfect.
    Keep doing what you are doing. You are getting better each day. And you are improving with each brush stroke and pencil/charcoal line.


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