Fundamentals: Some Days are Harder

Some days are harder than others and I wonder if it is me or the poses…

Some sessions I really rock it and the gestures flow like water, but then other days I can’t seem to place a line in the right place. Today’s session was one of the difficult ones. I’ll have to try this model session again from Draw This and see if I do better or worse.

Fundamentals: Some Days are Harder
1 Minute

Fundamentals: Some Days are Harder

Fundamentals: Some Days are Harder
5 Minute

1 thought on “Fundamentals: Some Days are Harder”

  1. I like how most of your posts this past week have been about the learning process. Considering Susan with her new puppy, I wonder if it’s in the back of your mind, or if all my rants on training and development are starting to enter your subconscious through your art sessions.
    Learning and training are all about two steps forward, 1 step back. Progress, plateau, going back to the drawing board, re-grouping, and then trudging forward with a new plan, new experience, and more knowledge on how to tackle the issue.
    Keep going forward, you’re doing great!


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