Fundamentals: Shading Isn’t Teaching Me Anything

After doing an hour long drawing focusing on the details and doing a lot of shading I realized I wasn’t learning much.

After work I started artwork with a focus on utilizing gesture to setup a figure drawing. It was my intention to do the gesture as accurate as possible then refine the structure and finally separate the shadows from the lights. What I ended up doing was an hour long drawing of lots of subtle shading. The final drawing didn’t turn out good at all because it was too small and I hadn’t finished refining the structure of the whole figure. It’s cool that I got carried away with this though because I learned something. Shading isn’t teaching me anything.

I feel I could learn so much more just by setting up the figure accurately within 20 minutes. So, I did some more drawing later in the day from the YouTube channel Draw This. Every Friday they put on a figure drawing session that lasts about 2 hours. It starts with a bunch of 1 minutes poses, then 5 minute, then 10 and 15. My focus throughout this whole session was to work accurately, not fast, I wasn’t rushing and trying to get the whole figure done in 1 minute. But I tried to ignore the details and just put down the basic structure accurately while at the same time keeping the gesture. Good news is that I think I’m getting better at it.

Fundamentals: Shading Isn't Teaching Me Anything
1 Hour
Fundamentals: Shading Isn't Teaching Me Anything
1 Min
Fundamentals: Shading Isn't Teaching Me Anything
Fundamentals: Shading Isn't Teaching Me Anything
2 Min 5 Min
Fundamentals: Shading Isn't Teaching Me Anything
10 Min 15 Min

1 thought on “Fundamentals: Shading Isn’t Teaching Me Anything”

  1. Part of learning is figuring out what works and what doesn’t. It’s not a waste of time, or a setback, but a learning experience. Glad you found that out and were able to move on from it.
    Also, now that I know you like the Friday 4pm drawing, I’ll try to schedule our workouts for 2pm so we can finish in time to shower and let you catch the program, if you like.


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