Fundamentals Review

Sometimes you just need someone knowledgeable in your field to tell you honestly that you will never achieve your goals if you continue on your current path. It seems that one of the most motivating factors for me is brutal honesty. I watched this youtube video, How to Train to Become a Successful Working Artist, by Jeff Watts weeks ago and I have been extremely motivated since.

So I continue tonight with my motivation to work hard and do whatever I can to reach my goals, which is why I’m doing a study review tonight. I’m even creating a test that I can repeat weekly or monthly to continually chart my improvement with the fundamentals. One thing that the online Watts Atelier has showed me is that, as least the fundamentals of art, can be measured for proficiency.

I really wish, years ago someone had told me these things. I wouldn’t have wasted so much time. Now I have a clear path, and I’m on the path to mastery now and I hope to continue on this path until the last days of my life.

The Drawings

chris-beaven-charcoal-study-review-1-061915 chris-beaven-charcoal-study-review-2-061915 chris-beaven-charcoal-study-review-3-061915 chris-beaven-charcoal-study-review-4-061915

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