Fundamentals: Recognizing Limitations

Those of you that have read my blog for a while know that I have no issue recognizing what I suck at and dealing with it head on.

I’m terrible at judging proportions on standing figures. I don’t have much problem with figures in bunched or odd positions and I even relish the poses with foreshortening. But the darn standing figures I need a lot of practice with. Not only is the gesture subtle and hard to see but there is not much to compare against. These exercises that I’m doing now should help me figure it out though, even if I improve very slowly.

Patience is another thing I need to keep telling myself. These fundamentals I’m working on right now will not make for good looking drawings anytime soon but I can’t make great work without being proficient at them. The main goal is to work on my skill at gesture and the accurate block-in of the figure and from what I hear I need to do hundreds of these in order to get good at them.

Fundamentals: Recognizing Limitations Fundamentals: Recognizing Limitations

Fundamentals: Recognizing Limitations, setup


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